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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Busy busy busy

Hi all ,

It has been a busy time , getting paintings ready for our Annual Art Exhibition, which opens on Monday. As a group we usually do pretty well, but who knows what this year will bring what with the credit crunch and the weather,
Photos added of paintings although only 3 of them, the others did not photograph well, will have to try again when they are hanging in Situ.

Thank you all for leaving messages of support regarding my daughter, she is now home, but it is slow going and will be a while before she is back to full strength.

I have had my work chosen as home page pictures on two of my Yahoo groups this month,

My art noveau pin cushion on Triciastextilechallenge. and a 9 patch quiltie on the mixed media art group i am overwelmed lol.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Good News & Fingers crossed

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a great weekend,
We went off to Dorset to visit family, but mainly youngest daughter whose still in hospital, They now know what the problem is and hopefully new medication will sort things out, although she will probably be in for at least another 2 weeks, apart from losing a lot of weight she looked fairly well. so fingers crossed.
Rest of the family were all well, Oldest son is moving to Aylesbury in a few weeks, and gave us the good news that they are getting married next May.
I think Saturday then got to me , i was totally wiped out yesterday and could only sit, cry and read thru some art books.
have a good week all
cheers Jean

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Thankyou to everyone who left messages, Re my daughter, Hopefully and fingers crossed she is on the mend, The Bug has finally gone and Hopefully she will be allowed home soon. we are going down to see her at the weekend. Yesterday i was home from work as unwell, but back to normal today, luckily only a half day.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

All over the Place

Hi all, Hope this finds you alll well and hopefully having some good weather, Here its raining again. I have lots to do, but can't focus on any one thing, my daughter has been in hospital for over 2 weeks with a very nasty bug, and poor thing is totally fed up, and has no idea when she will be well enough to go home.

Bovey has been quiet traffic wise all week, since one of the oldest pubs went up in smoke early Sunday morning. will probably be even worse when they have to start rebuilding.