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Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Thanks to jacq for tagging me , seven things about myself

1. Born in Dorset, live in Devon

2. Three grown children and one Grandaughter.

3. Started Art at nightschool about 20 years ago.

4. love Wildlife and Photography.

5. Traced Paternal Line back to 1600 in Barnstable Devon.

6. Work Part time as Veterinary Receptionist.

7. Walking with my dog Misty.


Jacq said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your work.

Cestandrea said...

thanks for sharing these nice facts (I haven't been to England often, but I saw a bit of Dorset and just loved it, there were pebbles, oh so lovely pebbles:)

What is the blue wonder you show us here?

Have a wonderful day and thanks for being there:)