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Sunday, 20 April 2008


Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes for my daughter, she is back at work and is as well as she can be.

Have spent the week flitting between all sorts of art projects, some not finished, but have managed to finish a few ATCs to join my stash, if any one would like a lucky dip swap, Please leave contact details or email me.
Also made another doll from apiece of marbled fabric, from last weeks experiment.


Cestandrea said...

so glad that your daughter is fine! love love love your little people:)
And your colours are awsome, I love them too:)

liz said...

I love your little people too, what are you going to do with them all?
You have been very busy!

Genie said...

Thanks Liz, Some of the little people have already found homes, 1 has gone to live in Australia (lucky Girl) 1 to my daughter asa get well wish, 1 to a friend in Dorset. Some are earmarked and a few are just waiting to find the right home.

Sue Wild said...

The ATCs look really good and your doll in the last pic looks a lot of fun, quite a mischievous face! It is amazing how much can be done in one go. A little late but I hope that your daughter continues to get better.

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