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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Posties been

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend?

Postie delivered an envelope of goodies from Susan of

Thankyou Susan.

In between walking the DH and the dog, and "Housework" I did find time to play.


artisbliss said...

Oh, glad you got the parcel. I like your little beaded pieces with faces. I got some little face charms similar to those somewhere. Wonder where I put them? Maybe I'll find them while I'm sortin!

Lynette said...

Hi Genie, I found your link in Andrea's blog. I enjoyed visiting your blog and especially seeing your wonderful artwork. The one with the puzzle piece really caught my eye, it's lovely!

Lynette said...

AWWWW Jean, thank you so very much for sending me your puzzle ATC in the mail!! It's so gorgeous with that pink and gold sparkly shiny depth and the puzzle pieces collaged in!!! You are a sweetheart and so very generous and I will send you one from over here when I next get to the post office in town, thanks so much!! *hearts to you*