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Sunday, 22 June 2008


Hi all.

Thanks for lovely comments. Have had a marvelous week in Porlock, with my friends from Poole. the weather stayed fine apart from rain on wednesday. did manage to do some drawing and painting and lots of photography,(on Flickr) has taken me since Friday afternoon to sort them all out, brought home treasures from the beach!! will need a bigger house(lol), we also ate rather well with home cooked three course meals every night need to go on a diet this week.


Cestandrea said...

I see you have spent a wonderful time with your friends!
I love your paintings, these menhirs, dolmen, I don't know how you call these, are amazing!
Are they rocks men have put there?
I absolutely adore the last one of the paintings, it dripping colour, and the liberty you took expressing yourself and these rocks in colour! Great work,
love from Paris

ANNA said...

wonderful work - wish I could draw like you do!! Looking forward to seeing what textiles come out of your ideas.

Genie said...

Thanks Andrea and Anna.
last painting is the wooden Posts on Porlock Beach not rocks, The force of the weather forces the stones inbetween the posts.
I am still in thinking mode re textile pieces of my paintings. Watch this space!!!!

artisbliss said...

I think I like your paintings more than anything else you do! Lovely color.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Wow, pretty! I like the soft colors that you use.

Jacq said...

Great paintings with wonderful colors.

sharon young said...

Lovely sketches, I really like your style and your picks of Porlock are very inspirational.
Many thanks for dropping in on my blog, lovely to see you there.