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Thursday, 13 November 2008

posties been 3 times this week

Postman has been kind enough to deliver 3 lovely letters this week, amongst the bills(ugh)
1 beautiful ATC from Anna, Firework postcard and a lovely silk scarf from Susan Monk, a swap on Tricias Textile Challenge group, and last but not least another beautiful postcard from Annica in sweden.


Maureen said...

That's a lucky day for you then, all look great.

Tricks said...

Oooo you lucky thing Jean,
I bet that was fun receiving all those, mind you, you do deserve it, you've been busy too. Keep up the good work, Triciax

Julie said...

Lots of lovely goodies! Lucky you to have one of Anna's spirals and the postcards look great too.

T said...

Hello Jean, great getting some letters, nice one.

I'm tagging you, looks like your it.
Details on my blog.


Helen Suzanne said...

love these pieces.