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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Rainy day makes

Chiffon Flowers

Flowers ATC

Summer Flowers for Tricias Textile August Challenge


The Weather has been rather wet of late, so have kept busy catching up on swaps and challenges.
This week has also been our ART Societys 26th Annual Exhibition, up to today we have sold 15 paintings, One of mine sold this morning, Hope the rest of thw week goes just as well.
Hope you all are having a great summer.


Jude said...

I hope things go just as well for the rest of the week.

Annica said...

Congratulations Jean! Love your new work!

Heather said...

The chiffon flowers are gorgeous and the mermaid is great. Congrats on selling a picture - it's a lovely feeling isn't it. Good luck for the rest of the week.

Julie said...

Well done on your sale Jean. It's raining again here tonight. Will it ever stop? So much for summer!

Robin Mac said...

I love the flowers - and the colours. congrats on selling a picture - or perhaps more by now. Cheers, Robin

Agnes the Red said...

I love all these pieces you've made...the flowers are perfect delicate sweet little things...I just love all the wonderful tactile textures you put into your work! Congratulations on selling picture!
Ange x

Carole said...

Congratulations on the sale. I love your work!


Awesome! also love your mermaid and wonderful flowers!

mary schweitzer said...

So soft and femanine. Beautiful.

Faith said...

You will have to post some images of your paintings, I do love your flowers and fabric creations they are great.

Rosie said...

Congrats Jean!! Love all your fluffy stuff and your wire bracelet is gorgeous! What was the painting that sold?? =)

Gini said...

Your textile ATC's and mermaid are gorgeous Genie!
Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog.
About the Crafters Commandments in your sidebar. I have been religiously, yes, religiously doing them as a new crafter, but I didn't realise they are things I'm supposed to NOT do! I've been doing all of those things on a daily basis, apart from Commandment number 8, which I don't understand...
Aargh - it's so hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I'll try (probably not too hard) to unlearn them all then!
Happy Crafting Genie!

Gini xx