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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Saturday Workshop

Spent yesterday at an Acrylic Workshop By Michael Sanders, organised by Bovey Art group.
We all had a Dartmoor scene which we had to decide what we were keeping in or leaving out etc then to do a small tonal sketch, then do an underpainting in Tonal greys, before adding our colour and finally if needed some glazing, Forgot camera but here,s a photo of Finished scene.
As requested heres how i made the Embellished beads in Previous post.
some cotton material embellished with Scraps wool, thread, Organza, Chiffon etc . then wound round a drinking straw., ( as in Sherrill Kahn's book Creative Embellishments) glued with Paverpol and left overnite. then cut into smaller beads if wished.
Server Trouble will try to upload photos again later


Cestandrea said...

Jean, the dartmoor painting is great, I like the atmosphere in it, it is perfect for today's dark sky here in Paris:) The beads are beautiful,

Jacq said...

Your painting is beautiful. Thanks for the directions for the beads, I shall try them soon.