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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Some finished pieces

Had a busy day yesterday on my embellisher, made some beads and a vase, plus some ATC cards and postcards and Quilties


Cestandrea said...

Hi JEan, I love all these little precious things, the beads are sooo beautiful and the fish too!
Colours are a pleasure for the eye, have a wonderful day (and weekend)and thanks so much for your visit:)

artisbliss said...

Hello Jean--Found your blog via your post on kates-beautifulstuff and wanted to welcome you to the blogosphere. I really like your fiber beads--must try some of those myself. Looks like you're having fun with the embellisher. Good stuff.

bridgette said...

hi jean, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I love these atc's. Wish I could touch them! :)

Kate said...

Hi Jean - did I understand correctly? You made beads on your embellisher? What fun! I got really into making beads from cheap felt and melting them, but I've never tried on the embellisher. Perhaps we could get Liz to do a bead swap (and maybe I'll actually join in and swap something!) xx

liz said...

Love your beads, would you share how you made them? I've been trying to make beads using embellished fabric, but I find them too thick to roll:)

Jacq said...

Love the things that you did on the embellisher. How did you do the beads?