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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Devon Gremlins

Not been a very good week, what with the weather and an attack of the Gremlins.
First the television decided to die or so we thought and went out and bought a new digital one, which we will need soon, but that wouldn,t work as needs a booster or a new ariel! luckily the old tv is now working at least until we can sort out an ariel or booster!
Then my computer was hijacked, went away to be sorted, luckily all my files were saved, as it then decided to die. so now waiting for a new all singing all dancing lap top , to save on space. so all in all it has been an expensive week.
The Good News is
My daughter is finally on the mend, she has gone a whole week without being ill.
So Thanks to you all for your prayers and good wishes.
will catch up with you all soon


Jacq said...

So glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. This is good news!

Kate said...

That's terrific news!
My girls are still going on about the cakes we got from the bakers in Bovey Tracy! We could have met you in the Guild of Craftsmen! What larks. We're still sad about the Teapottery though. It was a lovely picnic spot. (Probably why it closed down - too much picnicking and not enough teapot buying!)xx

artisbliss said...

Sorry about all your big expenses recently. Seems like that sort of thing comes one on the heels of the other.

I'm glad to hear about your daughter's improvement.

Jackie said...

A laptop is too easy to be addicted to..I have to be surgically separated from mine every night!

Guzzisue said...

Hi, weve just had one of our computers hijacked by a nasty virus ( not mine) poor Ian is wandering round looking lost, had just composed long post for his blog which will now have to wait until the comp. doctor has sorted it.