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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

one step forward and a dozen back

Good news and not so good,

start with the not so good, My daughter has to go back into hospital, for more treatment that will probably kill off her immune system as well as the problem, so its back to the beginning again and more worrying!!. thanks to everyone who has left lovely messages.

The good news for this week is i sold 2 paintings on the preview evening, That's a First for me, Sales are a bit slow this year, but we have had some lovely comments from people popping in.

I forgot to say in the last post the red ATC flew off to Wendy in Canada. While i recieved a lovely one from Satu in Finland, I have forgotten to Photograph OOps.

I also received a lovely pink cuff from Anne Styles on the Yahoo Embellisher swap group. and a Georgeous pincushion from Tricia, on the Yahoo Embellisher challenge group.
Photos of Pin cushion , cuff and the 2 paintings that sold on Sunday.


Maureen said...

Congrats on the pictures Jean, that's great news - hope you've checked out the ESE swap list.
These verification letters are getting very difficult to make out in some cases - second time lucky I hope.

liz said...

What lovely embellisher goodies you got:) And congratulations on selling your paintings.

Jackie said...

Well done with your sales. Keep hopeful with your daughter.
I'm laughing at Maureens comment..I agree about the letters!

Jacq said...

Sorry to hear that things are not going well for your daughter. Congratulations on selling, good job!

Lynette said...

I hope this treatment will be what gets your daughter well. I hope she'll feel better soon. Genie, I have an aceo for you but I have to wait to get in town to the post office, I wish it wasn't so far from my house. Congratulations on your sales, that's really great news!

artisbliss said...

Great that you sold the paintings, Jean, that's a boost for you.

I'm hoping the best for your daughter.

Zora said...

Good for you on the selling of your pictures! Congratulations. I love looking at your work, especially the felted pieces. My prayers for your daughter's continued wellbeing. Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Hi Genie. You always leave such nice comments. I really hope your daughter is okay. And well done on selling the pictures. xx

Sanderella said...

i love the quote from Klimt. i'm going to research more of this! i'm very very slow at figuring out this world of blogging. i hope to get faster so that i can see and talk more! My heart goes out to you with what you are going thru with your daughter. Sandi