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Monday, 15 September 2008

A Little Birdie Flew in

A Little Birdie flew in from Ati in Norway, we arranged a swap from my new ATC's on Flickr on Saturday, and i was pleasantly surprised when it arrived this morning, i wonder how long mine will take to get to Norway.

I took nine of my larger art and arranged them on a canvas, Suggested by Susan, Thanks Sue.

not a lot else to show, we went walking on Dartmoor yesterday afternoon, and found a wood wasp nest and a furry caterpillar that neither of us had ever seen before, Photos on flickr


artisbliss said...

I do like how that looks, Jean. I'm flattered you took my word for it!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Love the colours and textures. can't beat a good play!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Genie, Lovely trade from Ati, She is a sweetie. Hugs Judy

Maureen said...

The atcs look good together Jean

linda stokes said...

The 9 piece art looks great Jean & I love the way your ATCs look all together.

Cestandrea said...

This really looks like a nice trade! And your nine ATCs are wonderful together, I just love the colours, deep and rich!

Fannie said...

Wonderful, Jean!