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Friday, 10 October 2008

Busy getting Nowhere

Hi all.

it has been one of those weeks, where i seem to be busy going nowhere and doing lots of nothing .

DH has had a ear infection all week and has been deaf as a post with the TV on full blast. giving me a headache. Heres some photos of a few thing which have arrived or i have done. Monster bookmark and dangly Doodads made for Yahoo Group. Received Klimt postcard from Susan Monk a swap on triciastextilechallangegroup and ATC's from Viv Estill a swap on one of my Ning groups and Pink one from Evelyn Watt a swap on Embellishstitchenrich group
Have a good weekend


Tricks said...

Hi Jean,
Lovely ATC's Funny as I have had a week like that, feeling under par. Not got an awful lot done but never mind there is always tomorrow and next week. Hope your hubby's ear gets better. I know all about the loud tv my hubby has been waiting to see an ear specialist for ages and if it doesn't happen soon I think I'll be going deaf too with the TV. All the best. Cheers Tricia

liz said...

What nice things you have sent and received. I think we should be sending these things around in see through envelopes, might brighten up the posties day a bit.


wow, you are a busy woman, with all these swaps going on.
Great fun though lol
xxx margaret xxxxx

Lynette said...

Genie I hope your husband is feeling better. I remember my daughter used to get ear infections and they were so darn painful. I know what you mean about the TV sound giving you a headache, that sound can sure be annoying, especially up loud. I love your collection, they are such pretty colors and look soft to the touch.
Genie, I am finally going to get to town and the Post Office sometimes this week. I've got a card to mail you if you can e-mail me your mailing addy. I love the card you sent me and I'm sorry it took me so long to send you one back. We're so darn far from the Post Office and I always dread driving to town so I put it off. :(


Hi Genie,,,,
Really enjoyed my romp through your blog!
You are one busy girl,,,,and I love being able to enlarge and get a real 'feel' for the work.
Super network of swaps & exchanges!
Also loved your photo blog,,,I shall return for more!

T said...

Wouldnt call that getting nowhere Jean. Looks to my as if you have been doing lots.
TV blaring sounds annoying though

Jackie said...

Hope all is well (with both of you) soon. Does Susan Monk have ablog? Is she a beader?