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Monday, 20 October 2008

quick note


Chris Gray Textile Art said...

Thanks for the kind comment. Looks like we're both up for the International Ornament Swap then? I've made a start on one, but need to shift myself a bit seeing as we're going away to Oxford for half-term. Hoping to get some good sketching time in the Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers - inspiration for "TribalCloths". Finished my Magic Carpet for the UKEmbellisherSwap site, - will be posting Wednesday.
Still need 72 hours in a day!

Tricks said...

Hi Jean,
I hope your DH is feeling better, thanks for dropping by my site.
After looking at your crafters commandments I think you should read my reply:
I think all us textile artists should rent a big disused mansion together, that way we could have a storage room a sewing room, a drawing room (ha, pun) a huge kitchen to dye things in, a laundry room to dry it all and a large garden to walk together in when we need to find our muse. How's that for an idea? BW Tricia