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Monday, 26 January 2009

Group Challenge

ATC Rhytmm

ATC Dynamic

Sketch book ideas


Dynamic sketch and photo
Tricia TriciasTextileChallenge Yahoo group is setting us a challenge every month, click on link to see more about Challenge and also see Tricia's lovely work
This months was Dynamic and Rhytmm , so finding some source material and then sketching idea to an ATC size, both my ATC's were embellished on machine then hand sewn for the finished detail, next months challenge is Tonal so off to sort through all my photos.


2smart said...

Looks like a fun callenge and not too big to fit in each month. Hope I manage to post this time! I have tried to sort out the password issue,

Kayla coo said...

Love the couching.x

Tricks said...

Hi Jean,
I agree with Kayla the couching really makes this piece wonderful.
You have a lovely blog entry with all your beautiful sketchbook pages. Your photos look better on here than they do on the challenge site but that's Yahoo for you. You are working so well Jean but then I knew you would with your photography background. Well done, Keep up the brilliant work, Best Wishes Tricia x

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jean, Your sketch book and your final ATC creative from them are lovely. Beautiful. Hugs Judy

T said...

Well, I really like what you have done with this challange Jean. I would join in Tricia's Challange site but Yahoo is just too slow with my internet speed. Hopefully I will get broadband soon.

Stitchety Grub said...

Cool ATC's ...and I enjoyed the pics of the creative process on your blog and on Tricia's ... ooooh wish there were more hours in the day I would soooo be tempted to join in! LOL!
Britt West Aus :-D

Cestandrea said...

very interesting to see the creative process, from the inspiring photos to the finished ATC's which reflect so well dynamic and rythm!
Thanks for sharing the process

Linda said...

Hi.....I love your work Jean. Thanks for joining in with my give-away.
Linda :-)


cool blog! I just found your blog.

Come and visit mine and my children's art blog.

Support my boys and help them to produce good artwork. Your kind comment will help them to build their confidence and motivation. Your artwork too could be their inspiration.

happy blogging

June said...

Wow love that dynamic atc
fabulous touchable art
Hugs June x

June said...

Hi Jean, thanks for visiting and replying to my comment at my jewellery blog. I have a few blogs and this one is on diff email addy but have added myself to follow your lovely blog here

Kimmie said...

You have a lovely blog! Wonderful work in line and textures ..... I will check back :)

Jacq said...

I love this post. Thank you for sharing the process. Your couching is wonderful.

MargaretR said...

These are great Jean and I can see you are enjoying it.