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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Spring Doll

spring doll made for Mad Mamma doll swap on Flickr.
0rganised by the talented Margaret Field


H.D. Campbell said...

nice doll genie..lots of nice things to look have been a busy girl!


I really love this doll, and so glad you have joined ALL my groups lol.
xxx margaret xxxx

~Babs said...

She's beautiful!
What is she made from,,,,paper,,,or is she fabric?
I hope she has a name,,,I always like to think of them named.

Cestandrea said...

sweet spring doll! very beautiful, she is waiting for spring, like we are, I love her dress!
Happy new year Genie,

Fannie said...

Beautiful doll, Genie! Bravo! Sounds like a nice group.

Tricks said...

Love the design of your doll Jean, I'm now longing to see some daffodils. I suppose Spring is just around the corner, not today though with 3 inches of snow this morning, lol.
Happy New Year Jean BW Tricia x

Dawn said...

Princess Daffodil is gorgeous (that's what I have called her :-)