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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Oriental Altered CD



Altered CD's made for GAS MAMMA a new group on Flickr. set up by MAMMA herself alias Margaret Field .
this is the first whole altered cd art i have done , i have cut some up and used on ATC,s before.
I made this with 2 cd's stuck together with superglue, with ribbon in between for the hanger.


2smart said...

what a great idea! the only use I have found for oldCDs is hanging them in the pear tree and getting rainbows all round the garden.your treatment is much better

~Babs said...

My My, you're a busy girl!
Love the altered c.d.
and that Warrior card is sooooooooo beautiful!

Robin Mac said...

I like the idea of rainbows in the garden from hanging CDs as well, but i like yours more, they are fascinating. Cheers, Robin

mary schweitzer said...

I LOVE the geisha! Great work!

Sue Wild said...

That is a lovely piece of artwork.Your Japanese lady looks gorgeous.

Makes good use of the freebie CDs

Julie said...

I agree, what a great idea! You've done a great job!

Lynette said...

I love these and agree it's a great way to use CD's. I would like to try this! 2smart, I love your idea too and may try hanging some out in the tree when the weather gets better.