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Friday, 13 February 2009


The Jug

The Jug 1

The Lighthouse in response to lighthouse challenge on this blog, click link

The first two paintings are from my Wednesday afternoon art group, this week we were looking at Cubism. so after drawing an outline of a jug, i cut mine into seven shapes and rearrnged on another outline of a vase shape still i had a result i was happy with, Jug 1 the top picture i did later at home on a biggger sheet of watercolour paper, sticking down my original shapes, then painting.

have a great weekend and a Happy Valentines Day .
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Raymonty said...

Genies ~ I posted your light-house creation to 'Calling All Artists(Light House Contest)' here at Google Blog. The concept of a pyramid and lighthouse has to be explored; this is going to be an interesting contest,so keep in touch with its development. - Your friend Ray/Raymonty/Good Troll of the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Carol said...

Genie, I chose your message on my blog for a random prize, check it out. Can I get your snail mail to send it to you? Email me.

Fannie said...

Wonderful artwork, Genie! Bravo!

Happy Valentine's Day!

You are loved,

Jude said...

I love your pair of jugs..... sorry, couldn't help myself. They are very nice.

June said...

Genie these are gorgeous. I love that lighthouse its so wild and beautiful. It reminds me of my fave place which is in Northumberland plus it has that added ' different' factor

Hugs June x

mary schweitzer said...

I love the jugs. A lot of depth. Very cool.

hippopip said...

Love the jug and the link to the video from Austin Texas ia a hoot

Artyfax said...

Love the cubist paintings, a novel exercise which I am going to offer to my own art group.

the lighthouse is a lovely painting. I agree that the sky depicts a wild and windy day. the foreground is also well done

like them all


artisbliss said...

Your jug piece reminds me of a painted silk scarf I did not too long ago. I like it.

Heather said...

I just dropped in to say thankyou for dropping in on me! Love the cubist jug paintings - what a clever way of showing novices how to make a start. What a wonderful varied selection of ATCs on your earlier post - there really is no limit to peoples imagination - I particularly like the gesso ones.

Cestandrea said...

Great things happening in your artkitchen Genie:) Love the cubic paingings and the lighthouse.