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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Eye Candy

Embellishments recieved from Liz UKARTSWAP group

Embellishments sent off to Adrienne Yahoo UKARTSWAP group

3 Black and White Embellisher ATC's made for my JAV group monthly swap.

Embellisher Spring boomark made for Yahoo UKEMBELLISHERSWAP group

Hope you all had a good Easter? Mine did not go quite to plan, on Friday went off to Exmouth, when we got home i had lost internet connection, which did not return until Sunday. AAaargh so frustrating. Saturday i went off to Plymouth to find an outfit for my sons wedding in May, came home with nothing. more frustration!!! Sunday DH went fishing should have been able to get on with craftwork, no chance lost the muse!!
Monday we went to visit a friends new baby son. who is adorable. came home and did manage to make the ATC's and Bookmark. While DH was trying to get the signal for the TV sorted, have just gone over to digital in our area, more frustration !!,
Thanks to all who visit, it is great to hear from you all.
Have a great week Everyone.
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Jude said...

oops, life is like that though isn't it? Full of glitches.
Outfit for wedding? Don't remind me....

T said...

What busy days Jean. And things not going to plan. Sounds awful. Hope it all gets back on the rails soon, and that the wheels dont fall off all together. It has felt like my wheels have fallen off over the past month. Maybe its the moon. Of perhaps its the dry weather. Anyway, those nice embellishments should get you going again.


Pat said...

Love the black and white ATC's.

Cestandrea said...

Wonderful things, I rinced my eyes:)

Love the black white grey ATC's, their composition.

Have a good day,

Julie said...

Oh dear Jean, sounds like a rough old time. I hope you have a better week now. The embellishments, ATCs and bookmark are beautiful.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Some days are like that - designed, I suppose, to make you appreciate the ones that all come together like clockwork.

My motto:
'For every upset is an unmet expectation'

When I get frustrated or upset, I realize it is because I expected things to be different. So I take a deep breath and change my expectations!

Love the bookmark!!!

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

beautiful embellishments !!

Lynette said...

The TV has gone digital here too, lots of aggravation! Jean, I love all those eye candy treasures in the pictures and what a lovely colorful bookmark!

liz said...

Looks like you've been really busy despite all your mishaps.

simoart said...

Beautiful work. Love the white and black ATC. Keep up the good work.