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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Killer catalogue

Killer catalogue
Killer catalogue,
originally uploaded by capribluegenie.
I think this is probably a finished piece.
answering questions, it is a double spread, pulled apart from the main catalogue, probably about a dozen pages, some naturally stuck together, sprayed with colour wash and walnut ink, a gold water colour dropped in places, treasure gold added highlights.
Thanks for all your encouraging comments, I never thought a year ago , my artwork would have changed so much, Thanks for all your inspiration my friends.


Jude said...

Amazing, yes, it is strange how our work evolves over time.

Fannie said...

it's been fun watching you evolve, jean/genie. thanks for sharing. keep going and keep inspiring us.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your catalog looks great - You achieved very intriguing texture, depth and color.

I plunked mine out in the garden a month or so ago, still needs lots of decay...

Pat said...

What a wonderful piece, you must be delighted.

Julie said...

Fantastic effects Genie, beautiful!

Gloria Miles said...

Hi Genie,

I love the killed catalogue, the colour looks really intense, Well done, must get on with mine, just need a little push!!!

linda stokes said...

Looks very interesting Jean, great texture & colour.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.